12pcs Retro Napkins Rustic Table Decoration


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It appears that you’re referring to another product description or title: “12pcs Retro Napkins Rustic Table Decoration.” This description indicates a set of 12 napkins designed in a retro style for rustic table decoration. The term “retro” implies a design that imitates or reflects past trends or styles, giving a nostalgic or vintage feel. The napkins are likely to have patterns, colors, or motifs that evoke a sense of the past. Additionally, the term “rustic” suggests a natural or country-inspired aesthetic, with a focus on simplicity and earthy elements. These napkins would serve as decorative pieces for a table, enhancing the overall rustic ambiance

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Pink
Size: 42x42cm
Quantity: 12pcs

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